Vehicle Diagnostics & Electrical Repair

At Rock Solid AutoCare LLC, our skilled technicians use advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to identify any issues with your vehicle’s electrical system and provide fast, effective repairs. 

Modern vehicles use electrical circuits and other components to ensure everything works properly. Many of these components are managed by an onboard computer working around the clock to detect variances and faults. 

Should a problem arise here and there, it may trigger one or more indicator lights in the dashboard. It can be a car battery, alternator, check engine light, or other electrical issues. 

Whatever the electrical problem is, Rock Solid AutoCare LLC in Mooresville, NC can surely help. We specialize in automotive electrical repair and diagnostics of European vehicles.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair

One standard electrical issue among vehicles is the check engine light (or another dashboard indicator) turning on. This is one way your vehicle is saying something’s wrong.

Some causes of an illuminated check engine light include:

An illuminated check engine light could be flashing or just steady, with a flashing light needing more urgent attention. Nonetheless, failure to diagnose and repair any check engine light issue may cause a minor problem to turn into more expensive repairs. 

We leverage scanners and other advanced tools at Rock Solid AutoCare LLC to pull trouble codes and accurately diagnose the root cause. After performing vehicle diagnostics, we will discuss our findings with you and help you make the best decisions to fix the issue.

Car Battery Diagnostics & Replacement

If your car battery is weak or failing, your vehicle may do a warning. Some of the top signs you’re having battery issues include:

At Rock Solid AutoCare LLC, we use advanced tools to test and gauge your battery’s health. Should your battery need servicing or replacement, we have a full line of replacement batteries for various makes and models.

Other Automotive Electrical Repair Issues

Apart from check engine light and car battery services, other electrical issues we address at Rock Solid AutoCare LLC include:

Contact Rock Solid AutoCare LLC for Vehicle Diagnostics & Electrical Repair in Mooresville, NC

Whether you need to determine why the check engine light is on or replace your failing car battery, you can get the required help from the Rock Solid AutoCare LLC team. 

We have experienced ASE-certified mechanics capable of performing diagnostics and electrical repair. We stand behind our work with an industry-leading 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. And we go the extra mile by practicing transparency, clear communication, and world-class customer service.

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