Factory Recommended Maintenance

Rock Solid AutoCare LLC is your one-stop auto maintenance center in Mooresville, NC. We specialize in the preventative and factory-recommended maintenance of European vehicles.

Factory-recommended maintenance is a set of inspections and services recommended by vehicle manufacturers. These services should be performed at specific intervals, like 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. These intervals are based on the expected lifespan of different parts. 

Maintenance also involves inspecting parts for wear and tear, proactively taking care of them before they fail, and preventing more expensive damages. That’s why such services are also called preventative maintenance.

Why Do I Have to Perform Vehicle Maintenance?

Here are a few key benefits of maintaining your vehicle:

  • Protect your wallet: Most automotive warranties require factory-recommended maintenance to keep them intact. Failure to have the services as suggested could leave you holding the repair bill for a service that should be covered.
  • Save money: Proactive maintenance prevents more minor issues from snowballing and turning into more expensive repairs. 
  • Extend the life of your vehicle: The ultimate goal of preventative maintenance is to prolong the life of your vehicle. When you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, you will do just that.
  • Improve resale value: Well-kept vehicles are worth more than neglected vehicles.

Is It Okay to Skip Factory-Recommended Maintenance?

Definitely no. These guidelines are in place to keep your vehicle running well and avoid voiding warranties. If you skip maintenance schedules, you will likely find yourself footing the bill for costly repairs that could have been prevented with regular maintenance. 

Where Do I Find the Factory-Recommended Maintenance Services?

A quick way is to check your car owner’s manual. It will contain recommendations and intervals at which the inspections and services need to be performed.

Manufacturers may have different guidelines, but maintenance items usually involve brakes, engines, transmission, and suspension. It also involves additional services to optimize these systems, like oil changes, fluid exchanges, and diagnostic testing.

If you don’t have the manual or are unsure about the services or schedules, reach out to Rock Solid AutoCare LLC, and we’ll help you find those pieces of information.

Do I Need to Take My Vehicle to the Dealership for Factory-Recommended Maintenance?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to. Unfortunately, many auto repair facilities need more tools or expertise to maintain European cars.

But at Rock Solid AutoCare LLC, we’re definitely capable. We are the best European auto maintenance center and dealership alternative in Mooresville, NC. We offer preventative and factory-recommended maintenance for various European makes and models, including:

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Your vehicle is the second-largest purchase you’ll probably make in your lifetime. Protecting it makes sense by making it last as long as possible. And one way to achieve this is through factory-recommended and preventative maintenance. 

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