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Prepare Your Car for Summer Road Trips

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Summer in Mooresville, NC, can be a gorgeous time of the year, which is why it’s customary to hit the road for a summer road trip. Before you head to Myrtle Beach or anywhere else, ensure your vehicle is up to the task. The best way to do so is to have a pre-trip car inspection on your European vehicle at Rock Solid AutoCare LLC in Mooresville, NC.. As the leading European and high-end auto repair center in Mooresville, we offer preventative maintenance and auto repairs for an array of vehicles:

Let’s explore the steps in preparing your high-end or luxury vehicle for summer road trips. 

Schedule a Fluid Inspection & Necessary Fluid Services

As a human, your body requires fluids. Failure to have sufficient fluids can lead to dehydration, which can spell trouble. Your vehicle is similar. Instead of one particular fluid, your vehicle relies on several different fluids. Because of this, your pre-trip preventative maintenance should include an extensive fluid inspection and any necessary fluid services, such as: 

  1. Motor oil inspection and oil change
  2. Coolant level inspection
  3. Brake fluid inspection
  4. Transmission fluid inspection
  5. Windshield washer fluid inspection
  6. Power steering fluid inspection

These preventative maintenance services can avoid costly breakdowns and potential mechanical failures. Preventative maintenance also contributes to the safety of your family. A little attention to these fluid levels goes a long way in maintaining a reliable and secure vehicle.

Does Your Battery Have the Power to Take You There?

As you prepare for your summer trip, consider the condition of your battery. If the battery isn’t up to the task, you could be stuck on the side of the road. A thorough pre-trip car inspection can identify potential issues early. Inspecting and replacing your battery or damaged cables ahead of time is far more cost-effective and convenient than calling a tow truck and emergency battery replacement. 

Schedule a Tire Inspection in Mooresville, NC

A tire inspection is a straightforward and cost-effective way to guarantee your tires are safe and properly functioning. Whether you do it yourself or schedule a have a pre-trip car inspection at Rock Solid AutoCare LLC, your tire inspection should cover the following key aspects:

  1. Tread analysis
  2. Air pressure inspection and correction 
  3. General tire wear inspection
  4. Sidewall inspection 
  5. Spare tire inspection

By performing a comprehensive tire inspection, you can possibly prevent flat tires or the danger of an untimely blowout. 

Make Sure Your Wheels Are Straight

The angles your wheels contact the road can impact your tire life, ability to maneuver, and even miles per gallon. When the tires are in alignment, all is well. But if your tires are not in alignment, you need a wheel alignment. A wheel alignment involves adjusting your suspension system. Here are a few signs your vehicle needs wheel alignment in Mooresville NC:

  • It pulls to one side or the other.
  • You notice rapid tire wear.
  • You notice uneven tire wear.
  • You hear squealing tires.
  • Your steering wheel is crooked when you’re driving straight.

If you notice these signs, your vehicle may need wheel alignment. Make sure to have this quintessential preventative maintenance service before you hit the road for your summer road trip. 

Stop! Service Your Brakes Before You Hit the Road

While backup cameras, lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring systems are nice, they pale in comparison to the importance of your brakes. However, most drivers in Mooresville NC overlook their brakes until there’s a problem. The best approach is to take preventative action by scheduling a comprehensive inspection of your brakes before setting off on your journey. A brake inspection can ensure your brakes are in top-notch condition and capable of providing the reliability and security you need on the road. Prioritizing this inspection helps ensure a worry-free, safe, and enjoyable summer trip for you and your loved ones.

Contact Rock Solid Auto Care LLC in Mooresville, NC, for Pre-Trip Car Inspection & Preventative Maintenance

Summer road trips with the family can be a fun way to create lifelong memories. However, summer road trips can be dangerous if your vehicle isn’t up to the task. Fortunately, Rock Solid AutoCare LLC offers every preventative maintenance service your vehicle needs. We even offer a fast and cost-effective pre-trip car inspection to assess the condition of your vehicle and guide you to the services you need the most. 

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