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Preparing and Maintaining European Cars for the Ultimate Road Trip

Open hood silver car which is on going maintenance | Rock Solid AutoCare LLC

After months of hard work and relentless determination, the countdown to graduation is finally here. You’ve been dreaming of this moment for the past several years, and can’t wait to reward yourself with a much-deserved road trip.

But before you go packing your bags just yet, you may want to inspect your vehicle for safety. This is especially true if you own a European car — as we know, problems on the road could be both costly and concerning.

Here are 10 tips for prepping your graduation road trip with European auto service you can trust.

10 Tips For Your European Auto Service Before Your Graduation Road Trip

You’ve spent the last few years worrying over grades, studying for tests, and meeting new friends. Now it’s time to prepare for the journey of a lifetime with these 10 tips for pre-road trip security.

We advise most European auto owners start with the basics:

1. Inspect Your Tires

Thin, worn, or older tires can cause a lot of problems on the road. That’s why checking tires before your road trip is a great way to avoid potential disasters.

The best way to tell if you need new tires is to check your treads with a penny. First, insert a penny upside down with Lincoln’s head pointed towards the tire. Then, observe how much of his head is visible above the rubber.

If most of Lincoln’s head is covered by the tire, your treads are good for now. However, if you can see all of his head without anything in the way, it may be time to replace your tires.

2. Align Your Tires

Tire alignment is a must for safe, comfortable drives. You can bring your vehicle to Rock Solid AutoCare LLC to have your vehicle serviced for tire alignment.

3. Address The Details

Before ever heading out for a road trip, be sure to address all the tiny details in your car. This means replacing the windshield wipers, washing the car, and checking lights and signals. A little effort today could be incredibly valuable in the future.

4. Check Your Fluids

Power steering and coolant and oil, oh my! There are all sorts of fluids you need to top off before your road trip. The team at Rock Solid AutoCare LLC would be happy to help with a full inspection and repair of your European vehicle.

5. Review Your Warranty

Do you have an existing warranty for your European vehicle? You may want to consider your options before hitting the road. Rock Solid AutoCare LLC offers a 3 year or 36,000-mile warranty for all vehicles that enter our shop.

6. Run Your Vents

A vehicle without working heat or AC is bound to create an unhappy road trip. You can stop the worst from happening and ensure comfort on your drive with a quick service visit and tune-up before departure.

7. Review Your Brakes

Is your European vehicle slow to stop? Do you notice shaking while braking? It’s time to address potential problems early on with Rock Solid AutoCare LLC.

8. Test The Battery

Rock Solid AutoCare LLC can test your battery to help ensure there aren’t any breakdowns on the road.

9. Pack A Survival Kit

You never know what can happen while on the road. Be sure to pack a box of extra supplies for your trip, including food, water, and medical supplies.

10. Schedule A Tune Up

You can call Rock Solid AutoCare LLC to perform a full DVI for your vehicle.

Rock Solid AutoCare LLC: European Auto Repair Mooresville Locals Love

Rock Solid AutoCare LLC has everything you need to prepare for a post-graduation road trip in a European vehicle. We’re proud to rank as one of Google’s ‘best European auto repair near me’ in Mooresville NC and surrounding areas. From Mercedes and BMWs to Jaguars and Audis, our experts offer luxury services for your ongoing peace of mind.

You can schedule an appointment with Rock Solid AutoCare LLC by calling (704) 658-1188. You’re also welcome to stop by our local auto shop at 329 Rolling Hill Road, Unit C, Mooresville NC, 28117.

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