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What Auto AC Repair Problems Do European Vehicles Suffer From?

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Whether you drive a BMW, AudiMercedesVolvo, Volkswagen, Land RoverJaguar, or any other model, you will eventually need European auto repair in Mooresville NC. When you do, the European auto repair experts at Rock Solid AutoCare LLC in Mooresville NC can help. As auto repair specialists, one of the most common questions we receive is whether European cars have AC problems. In short, the answer is yes. However, the auto AC repair problems experienced by European vehicles are different from those experienced by domestic or Asian vehicles. Let’s explore the most common auto AC repair problems European vehicles require.

Low or No Refrigerant leaks

One of the most common signs your car needs auto AC repair is when it no longer blows cold air. While the AC may turn on and run, the air never gets to the refreshing cold air you desire. If this explains your situation, your car may not have refrigerant. Just as motor oil is vital to your motor and coolant is paramount to your radiator, refrigerant is the working fluid for your air conditioner. Refrigerant is a specially formulated mixture that transforms hot air into cold air by absorbing heat from your vehicle’s cabin and leaving cool air in its wake.

Under normal circumstances, your vehicle loses around 15% of refrigerant annually. In addition to the natural loss of refrigerant, your vehicle can have leaks from damaged components, broken seals, and weakened valves. As such, you must have regular European auto AC inspections and repairs when required, especially the AC recharge.

A Damaged Compressor Is a Common European Auto AC Repair

The compressor pumps refrigerant throughout the air conditioner system to ensure you enjoy cool air. However, too little or too much refrigerant can cause problems, which is why you must have regular AC inspections and AC recharges when required.

Specifically, too little or too much refrigerant can create extra strain or pressure on the compressor. This pressure can lead to the failure of the compressor, which is much more expensive than having AC inspections and AC recharges. In addition to the wrong amount of refrigerant, other common causes of compressor failure include:

  • Clogs in other compressor parts
  • Corrosion caused by lack of maintenance
  • Lack of lubrication in moving parts

Condenser Leaks Are Common Causes of Auto AC Repair on European Vehicles

Similar to a heat exchanger, the condenser converts high-pressure refrigerant gas into a high-pressure liquid. In the simplest sense, the condenser works to cool the refrigerant. However, like every other component, your condenser can fail and require European auto repair.

Condensers can fail for several reasons. For instance, seals and pipes tend to deteriorate to allow air to get in and refrigerant to get out. When the air makes its way in, it can lead to crystals forming, which can cause damage and block your condenser. At the same time, metal flakes from a bad compressor can cause the same clogging effect. Here are some of the most common signs your vehicle needs condenser repair:

  • Lack of cool air and warm air coming from the vents.
  • A foul smell is caused by bacteria and mold growth.
  • If your condenser is damaged by rocks and debris, it can begin to leak refrigerant.
  • If there is an electrical problem because of a condenser failure, it may trigger dashboard warning lights.
  • When the external fins clog on your condenser, it can block airflow to the engine, which could cause it to overheat while you’re idling.

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